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KrazyKain reviews ijji GunZ (PC-MAC)

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KrazyKain said...

A perfect example of a game that, as far as developers are concerned, is a great game.. they did an excellent job.. but then its ruined entirely by the community. this is the only game i know of where exploiting a glitch, yes a GLITCH, in the animation is not only allowed but encouraged. K-styling (this is what they call the exploitation) is not only the favoured way to play the game, but anyone who doesnt k-syle is often kicked from games or called a sprayer. Then of course, theres the hackers. Alot of potential here, completely and utterly ruined by the game's players themselves... big shame. I played it back when it was new, and k-style was either undiscovered or not yet accepted, it was amazing back then.

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