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“Gamers gone broke is an alliance between AltTabReviews and UnderDog Reviews. AltTab being dedicated to free online games and UnderDog being Indie games... I am a member of both... so how awesome is it that i get to advertize on my car in game?”

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Drift City

Drift City (PC)

Genre/Style: Unknown
Release Date:
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BTW, I loved your last game review, very informative ;-)
the underdogreview for vampire hunters or the alttab mock review for this game? well if it's the alttab one.. i found a european server so i'll be giving the game a fair and proper review soon :).. thanks either way
Actually I enjoyed both, but was referring to the Alttab one. I do look forward to a review of the game, because I personally love the idea of a racing based MMO.

As for vampire hunters, I think it was a more than fair review, but prefer watching reviews of games that do NOT suck.

Oh and glad you could find a European server.
@dowekeller hehe true, but the purpose of underdog is to give all games a fare chance... and hell i spent the money on it I might aswell review it!
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