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Painkiller reserruction

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KrazyKain said...
  • frustrated
wow.. just wow... I hate to badmouth... anything... but today. i just have to.. this has be the single worst launch to an offline game i have EVER seen.. The single player is buggy.. the multiplayer crashes every few seconds... co-op just doesnt work... this feels like an alpha version... I still have faith in JoWood and this game but damn.. the patch better come out soon
Painkiller: Resurrection

Painkiller: Resurrection (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 27/OCT/09
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Its bad, but there's been worse. I suggest you stop playing it for a while so it can get patched, then come back to it.
yeah already doing that, i've got other games to keep me busy in the meantime.. but this was actually one of my most hyped games so im very disappointed by this.. oh well. it will be fixed eventually
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