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KrazyKain's gameplay for Tremulous (PC)

KrazyKain played Tremulous

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KrazyKain said...
  • happy
i forgot how frustrating joining as a dretch can be when the game alraedy as fully evolved teams...
we lost.. then the second round i did much better... surprising humans who dont have helmets is awesome :D of course becoming a dragoon and ripping them to bits is even more awesome

Tremulous (PC)

Release Date:
11 minutes
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Aliens > Humans.

Well sometimes I do feel like being human... power armor + lucy = FUN
The only thing I dislike about the lucy is the speed. I'm a fast kind of girl, what can I say. =P

Choice of being a Tyrant or having Lucy cannon?
I choose Tyrant.
hehe true but its power is undeniable...

but i too love the Tyrant... it depends on my mood mostly.. but i feel in trem you have to be willing to play either team because the server usually dictates what team you are allowed to join (Aliens team is full!) so you'd spend a while connecting to different servers trying to find one that has the right team balance
Yeah, I know this. But I guess the fact that I suck at being human and don't pick up many kills makes me favour Aliens. xD What are you known by on Trem? Maybe I've seen you but not known who you are. ;D
lol i'm better as humans actually, aliens takes practice.. anyway i play as (drumrole please.....) KrazyKain!! :P
The only thing with human, I struggle to shoot dretchs.

Oh wow, you do? SHOCKING! It's shocking that I play as Aerolis, too, isn't it? =P
oh my god incredible
Indeed. =P
So, maybe I'll see you on there sometime. =D
i look forward to it :)
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