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KrazyKain's gameplay for Star Wars: Republic Commando (PC)

KrazyKain played Star Wars: Republic Commando

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KrazyKain said...
I've not really been playing much single player anything lately, but it feels good to get back into this, im getting nearer and nearer to the end
Star Wars: Republic Commando

Star Wars: Republic Commando (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Squad-Based Shooter
Release Date: 01/MAR/05
25 minutes
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I really loved this game. What made you pick it up so many years after release?
Wow that old game, that was fun though i wish the ending could be diffrent = (
@ChangeAgent a) release dates mean nothing to me, if a game looks good i dont care how old it is
b) actually i did have it closer to its release date but admittadly i had it pirated then, and as with all pirated games i get bored quick no matter how good the game is. I decided i owe it to myself and to the devs that i buy this game when i saw it on steam and now i'm back into it
Yeah I wasn't meaning that old = bad... just curious what about it made you go back to it. At the price point I am tempted to play through it a bit as well. The game play was just pure fun.
I wish they'd hurry up and make RC 2. the ending ....

wait wait. I don't want to spoil it.

But it was one hell of a good game IMO. one of the best looking games for the origiinal xbox. Controls were tight, squad command was easy but effective, and squad AI was one of the best I've seen. None of this, "let's bump into walls getting somewhere" or "nah, I'll just stand arond and not shoot anything while you take all the baddies" I even enjoyed the "battle chatter" between them.

"Man this place is creeping me out."

"Ah Scortch, there's nothing like hunting down clankers, knee deep in the jungle, with a sniper sight set dead on their chest. Ahhhh. Makes me feel alive."

"OK now FORTY'S creeping me out"

Great stuff

Yeah, I hated the ending for RC, it was one of the best SW games I've played though.
I wonder if Xbox LIVE sells it?
haha damn you all, i've never beat it so now i raelly have to with all this talk about an infamous ending... and yes the chatter is the best i've seen in any game ever. it doesnt really feel scripted or fake, i mean yes they are going to say it every time you play but it feels natural, funny, witty and it gives them character. I dont think i've ever played a squad based game where your guys had so much personality
Nice....!!!Maybe if i found the damn cd....
I usually go back to this game once a year and play it through. Not just to do it, but for some reason I randomly feel like playing it. Ya know, whenever the urge strikes.
I know.....I thought it only happens to me...X)
you just miss scortch fixer and sev... I know the feeling :P
i like sev the most
it's hard to pick a fave, its the chemistry between sev and scorch that i love
well yes its the intense personalities alltogether that make it funny and natural!
I used to love this game as well. I might pick it up again myself.
the only thing i really didnt like about this game is... every squad based shooter without exception needs to have co-op.
i could care less for co op because some of the missions require you to be seperated
oh yeah. I remember the derelict ship level where you met the trandoshians and those annoying buzz bots that tried to drill itself into your skull. Sitting there jabbing it with your knife if it got on you.

There was the cool moments too where if you head into a small cubby hole, you'll see a lightsaber and boss says "An eloquent weapon for a more civilized time eh? Well guess what? Time's change!"

This is of course right before you meet up with the heavy Trandoshian Super Trooper that fires a mini gun at you.

I loved that weapon by the way. Gruesome damage if you know how to use it.
you mean at point blank rage full auto? lol thats all i ever used it for pain the ass to. I wish you could use the saber to = P
same here. Flash bang his ass, then go to work on the headshots, maybe a thermals if you have them. I loved how the Wookies on the Kashyyk levels just went up to those creeps, picked them up and air punched them in the face. There were a LOT of awsome scenes in this game.
oh the wookies where fun... watching them grab the superdroids and throw them off a cliff...
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