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KrazyKain's gameplay for Kingpin: Life of Crime (PC)

KrazyKain played Kingpin: Life of Crime

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KrazyKain said...
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got the game off GoG.com, played it ages ago so i thought i might aswell, forgot how impressive and advance this game is for its time. Also today for the first time ever i played it multiplayer, had a 1on1 for a while then a 2on1 (very painful) and then back to 1on1... was pretty good fun actually :)
Kingpin: Life of Crime

Kingpin: Life of Crime (PC)

Genre/Style: Shooter/First-Person Shooter
Release Date: 01/JUL/99
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No Doubt this was the best FPS ever made, really sucks after 10 years of playing it my self the game has died, every now and again i contact old players to play, KPDM5. live for ever KP 444ever Name: PiLL's Skill: ELITE --
I wouldnt go so far as calling it best fps ever, i'm still a doom fanboy when it comes down to it, but its damn good
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